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Williams County Community Theatre


Williams County Community Theater (formerly Williams County Playhouse) began in December 1953, by ladies of the Women’s Welcome Club in Bryan, Ohio.    After the success of their first show, they were asked by St. Patrick’s Church to present another play as a fund raiser.  After six weeks of rehearsal, it was all over in two hours and they vowed never again to do just one performance.  They continued to put on plays in various venues, primarily elementary schools, and slowly gained an audience and some experience.  

After about five years, there were several people in Montpelier, Ohio in the group, and the decision was made to move to Montpelier High School stage, where they performed for another five years.  In 1963, a series of events came together with the help of Bill Winzeler and Bill Hofbauer, to purchase an old church building located at  501 S. East Avenue, Montpelier, Ohio.   In six weeks, a tiered floor was built, a stage was purchased from an old Grange Hall, and 100 seats were purchased from an old move theater – for $1.00 each.  Founder Eleanor Heyman sewed the first curtain, and the men rigged the pulley system to raise and lower it.  As the theater became more and more successful, an addition was put on the east end of the building.  This gave much needed backstage and space upstairs, and dressing and make-up space below.  Then in 1977, an addition was added on the west end, giving lobby space on two levels.

Now, once again space is at a premium, and the need to offer theater to a wider audience base, so the theater was looking to expand – this time to a new facility at a new location at 208 W. Butler Street in Bryan, Ohio purchased in 2003.  The group remained a profit-making corporation (in name only) for 50 years.  Now a new entity, Williams County Community Theater, was created as a non-profit corporation.   As Williams County Community Theater (WCCT) we are looking to create a new point of entertainment in Bryan for theater as well as other forms of live art.  In 2010 we created the WCCT Memorial Garden on the southwest corner of the square which we hope will someday be the entrance into our new theater complex.    

In 2013 we will be celebrating 60 years of our theater organization and we hope to offer another 60 years in the art of live theater entertainment.  Come join us!  We’d love to see you as an audience member or better yet get involved and see what theater has to offer you.

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